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Deleting an account should remove all user profile information from appearing on the website as stated in your Terms & Conditions agreement.I'm also finding complaints that say Ashley Madison charges users to delete your FREE account.Dutch researchers studied over two million marriage and death records, according to the article, and they found that the younger a cougar's spouse is, the worse her health will be.One school of thought maintains that younger wives or girlfriends will take care of their older husbands, where younger men aren't doing the same favor for their older wives.Try editing or deleting them manually before deleting the account itself.If you're unsure what happens to your tracks: this can be found mostly in the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy; otherwise you can always contact Ashley Madison and ask personally. Complete Profile Removal You may also select the "Complete Profile Removal" option, which is offered separately of basic termination.

Street, in Manhattan For tickets, call 212-279-4200 or visit time: one hour and 45 minutes including one intermission A romantic comedy for the stage that is backed by a talented cast and a whole lot of heart.

A German study claims that being a cougar might not be good for your health.

Men who date younger women tend to live longer, but according to this dating article at AOLHealth, and the study it quotes, the same doesn't necessarily hold true for older women who date younger men.

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