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Other times, however, the relationship ends in a bad breakup and thanks to the power and immediacy of today’s media, we get to go along for the ride.Future stepped outside of the rap game to find his former bae Ciara, which in turn sent Twitter collectively tweeting every move they made a few years back when they fast-tracked from dating to a birthday engagement to pregnancy.After being asked would she date another man in the industry, she responded “You know, never say never.But I do think you gotta switch it up a little bit.” Okay, Cici. However, sources for both parties have continually denied the reports.A source that is reportedly close to Larsa claimed the pair "are friends," according to, and added "Larsa's solely focused and dedicated to her children."Of course, Future still has his own ongoing problems with his ex and singer Ciara, who he shares a child with.

Mariners game when they were caught by the official MLB Twitter account: and it was a blatant subliminal on her new dating life.Unfortunately, things, as they sometimes do in hip-hop relationships, went sour.From custody battles to Twitter rants to the ensuing public fall-out, fans have been looking like Michael Jackson in the theater during the “Thriller” video, slowly munching on popcorn, watching as things get wilder by the day.50 claimed that Ciara was so into him that she sabotaged his next relationship with talk show host Chelsea Handler. In 2011, the lovebirds were spotted cozying up on his and her mopeds in the streets of Miami. He ended up getting engaged to his baby mama the next year. Ciara and Future began collaborating musically in 2012 when he released a remix of her song "Sorry." In 2013, they worked on the hit "Body Party" and "Where You Go" together. A few weeks later, she talked about going public: "There's nothing sexy about hiding your love." He was totally head over heels too, saying, "This it.I don't get into nothing to get out." The gorgeous pair got engaged in 2013 with a 15-carat engagement ring and had a baby the next year. Following allegations of his cheating, they split in 2015.

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