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This is especially interesting when used with tools like Munki -- you can automate the upgrade of a group of machines while still preserving user data, or offer an upgrade as a "Self-Service"-type option where a user can initiate an OS X upgrade themselves without needing to have administrative rights. You'll also need an installation source for OS X (10.7 through 10.11 currently supported): a copy of the "Install Mac OS X", "Install OS X Mountain", "Install OS X", etc, install application you can get from the Mac App Store.Finally, and most importantly, you'll need the rights to install the OS X version on the machines you manage.OK, so I have a smart group that shows Macs that are on Mavericks but have not upgraded to 10.9.4 yet, and I have the Apple 10.9.4 combo updater in Casper Admin, and I have a policy that installs the 10.9.4 combo updater, scoped to the smart group that shows Macs that need the upgrade. The problem is that on an inordinately large number of attempts, the install fails, and the error every time is that the package could not be verified.But more than half the time it works with no verification error.Feb 23 locimagsechange Installer Progress[85]: Shield windows ordered front.Feb 23 locimagsechange Installer Progress[85]: Started phase named: loginwindow Boot Feb 23 locimagsechange loginwindow[122]: ISAP: hide progress UI called.This happened to me today with a generated CS6 package.

Feb 23 locimagsechange Installer Progress[85]: Progress App running...

Although we take precautions when assembling binaries, please use the normal precautions with downloaded executables.

As of 2016/03/01 package binaries for R versions older than 2.12.0 are only available from the CRAN archive so users of such versions should adjust the CRAN mirror setting accordingly.

You can use this package to install OS X on an empty partition, but perhaps more interestingly, you can also use it to upgrade existing OS X installations to a newer version of the OS X.

There are many tools and workflows that support the installation of Apple packages; you can use these together with an OS X installation package to upgrade machines to the latest version of OS X.

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