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This error refers to the security protocol currently being used by the Mail app. To do this, use jp for your incoming mail server and jp for your outgoing mail server, and follow the steps in the Add an account using advanced setup section in Set up email in Mail for Windows 10.For more information about the update, see Windows 10 Creators Update is here. The app password will only be used by the Mail app.From that day itself, they have started facing login and other technical errors using updated Yahoo App installed on their Android Smartphone as well as IOS Smartphone devices such as i Pad and i Phone.Other than login issues, there are certain other features in Yahoo app which become unresponsive once updates are installed successfully in the Smartphone device. In case Yahoo app installed on Android OS and IOS device is not performing efficiently due to being slow and keeps on freezing or crashing after update then there are certain steps that need to be followed for getting proper resolution: Conclusion As Smartphone users accessing Yahoo app are not that much knowledgeable and experienced to fix the unexpected glitches occurring their Smartphone device, they need an expert Yahoo tech support guy who can assist users in a much better way by troubleshooting all kind of critical problems with perfection in shortest time period.

Luckily for this classic-loving bunch, Yahoo makes sure to keep its app updated and bug-free.But I haven't been able to use this app as of late because I was logged out and now I can't log back in! Several months ago I had no problem sharing pictures thru yahoo mail. I get a message saying my yahoo setting are out of date. I have been a long time yahoomail user and I have had the app on my computer for sometime but recently I have been unable to log in even with the access code sent to my phone that I have to enter.No matter how many time I reset my account I am not able to share my pictures by email to my family at their email. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled with no success. I am quite disappointed with the decision to discontinue this app after May 22, 2017.With several email users using Yahoo mail app to access their personal emails and other features encapsulated within web portal; large section of Yahoo users residing in United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are troubled with login as well as other technical errors that consistently creep up while using Yahoo application installed on Android and IOS Smartphone device.With no update given by Yahoo in the press release and keeping users in the dark, the main reason has now been revealed with the recent update in Yahoo app is the main culprit once it has been installed by users in their Smartphone device.

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I hoped you would have converted it to a UWP app & improved it, so it could be used on all Windows 10 devices, instead of PCs only. Sometimes when clicking the compose button nothing happens.

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