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Like the Norris the plane now incorporates a raised infill around the bridge area, (this is known as a horn).

This infill supports a thumb screw which is used to apply pressure to the blade.

This design may be more appealing to some than the Norris A7 shoulder plane.

Built to the Spiers design but with the advantage of Norris adjustment and with a horn.

There are minor spots of pitting but this plane still looks great and could easily be brought to a fine condition with a bit of careful lapping and cleaning.

Here are a nice 1/2" English / Scottish Rebate / Mitre plane.

The iron and chip breaker turned out to be a little later vintage, about 1910 (based on the imprinted logo), but were in good enough shape to polish and sharpen for normal use.

You see these things pretty commonly in antique shops and flea markets.This style of shoulder plane is well known by all the Spiers collectors and enthusiasts.Though not being a great lover of Spiers planes myself this is the only pattern of Spiers planes that I like, so I couldn't resist using this pattern.Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website.Prices seen span a long time and may not reflect current values. On other pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation.

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