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Just know why you were off in your own little worlds, my nose was to the grindstone working feverishly to get you all your spoilers for this season.Ok, so maybe that’s a bit overexaggerated, but you get my point. We won’t know until the next “Bachelor” season starts filming in September. -Joe Bailey is from small town Columbia, KY and his accent is THICK. Finn and Quinn are going out Quinn and Puck have s3x (leaving Quinn pregnant)Finn and Rachel are crushing on each other There is a short relationship between Puck and Rachel Will and Terri are married and expecting a baby (which never existed)Terri is convincing Quinn to give up her baby to the married couple Emma loves Will Emma and Ken Tunaka are dating/getting married Sue has a short relationship with a host of the news show shes on There is an on/off relationship between Puck and Santana Brittany and Santana MIGHT be with Mike Chang and Marc (i think...?) (two cheerios on two footballers)Santana and Puck sext (phone s3x)Mercedes develops a crush on Kurt, finds out hes gay and smashes the window out of his car.Kurt loves Finn but in episode three Mercedes is under the impression he loves Rachel Artie and Tina kiss, then Tina reveals her stutter is fake and we don't see much more of that relationship.Suzy Pepper (fleeting character seen once) has a crush on Will and attempts suicide when he turns her down Rachel has a fleeting crush on Will (in Ballad) In season one...For pretty much all of the guys, you saw them greet both girls.

Hope you enjoyed your two month hiatus from all things “Bachelorette” related.

This is the relationship between Quinn and Puck , Known as Quick.

They started dating in Hell-O and broke up in Audition.

Showmance Quinn laughs and smiles at Puck after he slushies Rachel.

Preggers Quinn tearfully reveals that she is pregnant to Finn saying that the baby is his.

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