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Let’s just face this fact: the typical Nigerian man is very egoistic. But, before you met, he used to do all these things by himself. Think of following him to church/mosque once in a while. So, if you are a modern independent woman dating Nigerian men what should you do? For instance, if he is Muslim, try to learn more about Islam. Don’t just speak bad of his God for whatever reason. Yes, a typical Nigerian man doesn't want his woman to be smarter than he is. I don't believe in lie even if it does not hurt who you are I am honest loving and caring person i like travelling making new friends and i hate racism i love you all.At Nigerian we are committed to providing you a safe and friendly environment where you can comfortably meet that special someone.We are planning our wedding now, thanks once again, am really greatful.urs Shida78 I want to thank you guys for creating a website such as this. am out liliann We just wanted to share our love and appreciation to your prestigious organisation for making our relationship a success.So don’t worry, he’ll for sure be a gentleman and pay for your first date, second date, etc.We know that sounds like common courtesy but these days, it’s no guarantee.

Give him some time to have fun with guys, family and his hobbies.

Love his family (or at least try to)It is not a joke. Many Nigerian men left their girl just because the family said "no! If you are from different religions, show respect to his faith.

READ ALSO: 5 Things That Ruin Perfect Relationship4. When a Nigerian guy introduces you to his family, there is no way out. You don't need to burst into kisses, but try to be cordial. Some of them may not be too religious, but they think their woman should preferably be.

There are still are many ways to be in love with a Nigerian guy and to remain a leader. Make him lead Give him respect, show your admiration for his abilities and achievements. Faith The worst thing a Nigerian girl can do is to cheat on her man. Of course, if he cheated first – walk out of that relationship. If you are a faithful woman you are already at the top of the list. It includes preparing meals, cleaning his flat, and maintaining his mood in a good condition. At the same time, don’t allow him to drown your own beliefs.

You don't need to be his slave to show him respect. READ ALSO: How Radical Honesty May Save Your Relationship6.

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