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In June 1993 the Supreme Council of Buryatia recognized as illegal the transfer of the territory to the Chita and Irkutsk areas, but for district this decision had no consequences. The timber industry is located in Ara-Il, Duldurga, and Aginskoe. The main part of the population lives in the Aga river basin and along the railway. The district is divided into 3 areas, it includes 4 settlements of city type and 34 rural administrations. The climate is sharp continental ( 18C in July, -24C in January). Soils are limed frozen-taiga, gray forest soils in mountains, carbonate chestnut soils and chernozem on steppe plains. The Okrug has cattle-breeding (sheep, cattle, horses); grain, forage crops.In the western part of the Okrug there is a motorway Darasun - Duldurga - Khapcheranga.General extent of highways is 970 km, with hard surface - 300 km.

About 60 percent of the population lives in urban areas, with the greatest concentration in the .

The foodstuffs that fall under white food in Buryatia are milk and cultured milk foods, curds and sour cream, sheep cheese and kurunga. New Years Eve or Butu is traditionally spent in the family circle in Buryatia. The festivities move out of doors and people go out to visit their kith and kin.

Throughout the whole month before the new moon appears Buryat people travel from house to house wishing their neighbours, friends and near and distant relations a happy New Year.

Thick, poorly drained forests, or taiga, mostly of conifers, cover 70 percent of Buryatiya’s area, while in the intermontane basins and valleys, steppe vegetation prevails.

Poor soils predominate in the taiga, but fertile black earths can be found in the steppe regions.

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Buryats (former nomads) converted to the settled way of life during the years of the Soviet power. Two settlements of city type - ginskoe and gitu - are the important trans-shipment points on the railway for the inward cargoes. Aginskoe - settlement of city type - is the Okrug administrative centre (9300 inhabitants, 6286 km to the east from Moscow).

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