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He announces the new development and reveals his handle via, again, a Tumblr post (naturally): "SNAPCHAT: AREALGLITTERBOY will shine and shine and shine." July 31, 2015: Frank's younger brother Ryan makes the trolling a family affair when he posts the original hype-inducing image on a now-deleted Instagram account, claims that the album is "finally out!

," and that the i Tunes link listed in his bio will lead us to the Promise Land.

All that changed moments ago when Scottish hitmaker formally announced new LP ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol.

Alycia Bellamy (also known as Alycia Bellai) is an American Singer, Actress and Muse.

in music, an enthusiastic fan and admirer of a musician, often one who engages in a complete intake of the musician’s life and work.

Calvin Harris has been heating up the airwaves with an array of new music. Continuing the stream of fresh music, the eclectic singer debuted new song ‘Lens’ this weekend during his Blonded 004 Beats 1 series on Apple Music.

Yet, until now, little had been divulged about an attached album. It follows the crooner’s premiere of new numbers ‘Chanel’ and ‘Biking,’ both of which arrive after the release of recent…

Rap, rave, hiphop, punk, pop, dubstep karışımı benzersiz tarzları, videolarındaki ikonik sanatsal yaklaşımları ve müthiş yüksek enerjileriyle her konseri sansasyonel etki yaratan grup aynı zamanda Hugh Jackman ile oynadıkları “Chappie” filmiyle de ünlerine ün katmıştı.

Die Antwoord’un yanı sıra, Modestep, Ceza, Lust, Furkan Kurt, Orkun Bozdemir, Boys N The Hood, The Fuck is Back ’in de sahne alacağı, sıra dışı canlı ve DJ set performanslarıyla İstanbul etkinlik sahnesinin haylaz çocuğu olmaya aday DROPOUT FESTIVAL, tek bir güne yepyeni, benzersiz bir festival tecrübesi sığdıracak!

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